Russ and Myrna Walline, Galva, Ks hosted Jan. 15, 2012 Dist. 9’s meeting.

Meeting was called to order @ 1:09 pm with a Moment of Silence and the Pledge of Allegience given.

There were 30 members, 6 County Reps.  And 3 guests present.

Sec. Report: given with 2 corrections made; Mac toy run had 201 bikes in it and the St. is still checking on  Yard Signs.

Treasurer Report: given  and  paperwork passed around for  approval; nothing questioned.

State News:  Kansas Days will be Jan. 27 and 28 in Topeka; Republican Days will be Feb. 17 & 18 in Overland Park, Ks; Washington Days will is Feb. 24-26 in Topeka. See State News for details. April 20th is the signing of the Proclamation for May’s Awareness month @ 1 p.m.  Don B will be the new MRF rep. as Ed M. is stepping down.  Our lobbyists  have been busy studying the Cable Barriers in the State and will have a committee to help in that and for the awareness study.  There will be a Right of Way, Bill 2199, meeting Thursday, Jan  19, 2012 @ 10 am for those that can attend it in Topeka.  There is talk of trying to find different activities during the day-time hours during the Labor Day Rally so if anyone has any good ideas, let Ron H. or your rep.  know.

Awareness Report: motion tabled to order more Bumper Stickers till an amount has been decided and the cost figured up. Tony M. will be checking on more Yard Signs.

Web Site: is up-to-date with aver 100 hits per month on it.

Old Business: There has been a change for Dec. 2012’s meeting, Ron & Pat will now host it in Salina area. One word of advise to all: there will be NO re-imbursement for Expenses WITHOUT  Receipts!!!!!  The District still has a Free membership available but will hold on to it till later, if needed.   The Mid South Mile theme this year is Wind Turbines, the Dist will have 1 for the Basket, made by someone in the Dist. that we will purchase.  The State Policy and Proceedure Booklet is available if anyone wants to see it , Let Janet M. know.  The Honor Flight program was discussed, and voted to donate money to it in honor of Donald Vawter.

New Business: January Birthday’s will be celebrated next Sat.
Feb. 12, 2012 will be next meeting @ Tony & Janet’s in Galva, Ks.

Thank you Russ & Myrna for the good food & hosting the meeting.  Door prizes won by Janet M. and Janet B.  Meeting adjourned @ 2:30 p.m.
Ride Free. Pat


DISTRICT 9 meeting was held @ Tony & Janet McClelland’s in Galva, Ks. On Feb. 12, 2012
The meeting was called to order @ 1:20 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance  recited. There were 25 members, 5 Co. Reps and 3 guests present.

Sec. report was given and approved as read.

Treasurer’s report was approved and passed around for verification.

State News: the Gov. of Ks. will lead a Poker Run in Topeka for the DAV, Wounded Soldiers, and Brother’s in Blue on June 16, 2012. All are encouraged to attend. Dist. 9 will have the Run for the Elders also, that day . The Right of Way bill was also discussed with provisions to be made. Tony M. has a copy of the revisions if anyone is interested in reading them.

Awareness report: Mike S. knows of two people interested in having 2 Hiway signs put up around the Hillsboro area. Bumper stickers were discussed and ordered; motion made & 2nd’d, approved. Tony M. discussed selling Koozies and Mugs, tabled till later.

Products report: T-shirts are still available.

Web site: updated and links and slide shows are up and running.

Old Business: Tri-folds from St are in. We voted  to give our “ Free”  membership  to Jack Mizell for all of his hard work for our District.. Republican days is in Overland Park, Feb. 17 & 18 and we are furnishing  the pop for that event.

New Business:  Feb. 20 will be a River City Blowout meeting in Newton, Ks. @ Am. Legion @ 7 p.m.
Insurance forms for Events need to filled out and turned in to Ron V.  Flyers for the Bike Show need to be done and there will be a cash prize given away. We still need sponsors and a committee for this event.
Some of the items from Mid South Mile were given to several events and some were sold at the meeting.

Door prizes were won by Myrna W., Pat R. Nancy B. and Karen.
March meeting will be @  the Dry Dock on Hwy 141 north of Kanopolis Lake Dam on the 11th  @ 1 P.M.
Thanks to Tony and Janet for hosting the meeting and all the great food.
Ride FREE and Safe!  Pat


District 9 meeting was held @ Dry Dock, Kanopolis, Ks  @ 1:20 P.M. the meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for our Vets and those we have lost.  There were 19 members, 6 guests, and 5 Co. Reps present.

The Sec. report was waived.

The Treas. Report was given and approved.

State News: Right of Way bill is still in committee form. MRF-ABS have talk of new bikes  and what constitutes them. Insurance was discussed on Customizing rates. The Flint Hills Ride is June 16 with the Gov. riding in it.  Labor Day Rally was also discussed with some new changes to be outlined later.

Products: there are Bumper stickers and some patches, and t-shirts still available.

Awareness: Dry Dock wants a Hi-way sign, and also Beverly, Ks.

Old Business: State needs all equipment logged by the 15. The Basket stuff was discussed and items for sale will be brought to next meeting.  Run for the Wall is May 20th and F troop hopefully will be there again . A motion was made and 2nd to purchase another banner for the event.

New Business: Mid South Mile is in Oct. and the theme this year is Wind Energy. Tony M. brought one  that will be in the Basket. River City Blowout meeting will be the 19th , the Dunk Tank already has some bookings . Run for the Elders is June 16, a meeting will be directly after our meeting is adjourned.  April 28th is a Poker run in Sterling, Ks for Rice Co. Relay for Life. A motion was made to purchase the Frog on the Motorcycle for a fundraiser. April 15th is next meeting in Concordia @ the Airport Park put on by California Phil.
Karen M. won the door prize and she donated it back to Motorcycle Awareness.

Thanks to Barb and Jerry for hosting our meeting and the great food.


District 9’s meeting was held @ Concordia’s Airport park on Sunday April 15, 2012 at 1pm.

A moment of silence was given for those we have lost, our Armed Service members  and our Country followed by the Pledge of Allegience.

There were 12 members, 4 County Reps with 1 guest present.  Our guest was Beverly Mortimer who gave us insight about the Honor Flight program for Central Kansas which involved our WWII vets going to Washington D.C. and  how anyone elegible can participate if they put their name on a list for the 2nd trip of May 29 and 30th, 2012 flying out of KC airport with Southwest airlines.  They now have about 25 plus for this 2nd trip.

The Sec. report was given and approved. 

The Treasurer’s report was given and approved.

State News: COC was there, reference the Clubs and ABATE talking about some changes in the club.

Lobbyist report: the Liquor Bill is still undecided.  Talk of a test to be given reference getting a new license, and the Right of Way bill discussed, also Run for the Dome was talked about.

Awareness Report: May is MC awareness month and the signing will be this Friday, April 20th on the steps of the Capital with the Gov. signing it.

MRF report given which included the  talk of signing of the Bill.

The Mid South Mile is the last week of Oct. in Fayetville, AR.  The State still has Yard Signs.  Discussion still continues about games at the Labor Day Rally.  Dry Dock sign and Miltonville sign needed yet, and planning is ongoing.

Old Business: , a new banner to be displayed for the Run for the Wall; F Troop has e-mailed us and will once again  be in town and we will again meet with them.  Flags will be handed to those who come to participate to show our support  May 20th about 4p.m.  on the Halstead Bridge.

River City Blowout meeting is Monday May 16th at Lindsborg Old Mill park at 1p.m. with  the Blowout on the 26-28th of May in Newton.

Run for the Elders is June  24th, 2012. Donations are still needed for the event with Dist. 9 making their donation, as usual. The Bike show  mentioned for July 21st, and Rally for a Cause in July on the 28th.

Items from the Mid South Mile were auctioned off.

There is a Poker Run next Sat. in Beloit, 1st bikes out @ 11am.  This year, the Rally for a Cause, will help a little girl with Cancer from Scandia, Ks.

Door Prizes won by Pat R., California Phil and Janet M. who donated it to MC Awaeness.

Thanks to Cal. Phil for the super Pizza and hosting this meeting. Meeting Adjourned.

Ride Free and be Safe!! Pat


The May District 9 meeting was called to order at 1:20 pm with a moment of silence observed and the pledge of Allegiance given.

 There were 4 county reps, 22 members and 2 guests present.

 The secretaries’ report was waived.  The treasure’s report was given and accepted.

 State News: See State news.

 Awareness report: We have locations in Moundridge and Kanopilis Lake to place highway signs.

 Products Report: Karen reported that we still have lots of inventory.

 Website Report:  The website is up to date.

 Old business:  Districts 8 and 9’s annual River City Blow out is Memorial Day weekend in Valley Center, and we need attendance, attendance, attendance.  The Run for The Wall will be coming thru Kansas on the 20th in Salina, if you have never been there you are encouraged to come and greet the Veterans on the Halstead Street bridge over I-70.  Dave volunteered to provide the smoker for the meal that we provide to those rider that choose to spend the night in Salina.  The District Bike Show was discussed and Mike Thompson agreed to chair this event this year.  This year’s Mid South Mile was discussed.  It is in October in Fayetteville Arkansas this year.  Motion carried to send registration for the district members that want to attend.

 New Business:  Jon and Carol Puckett’s 40th wedding anniversary is the 19th from 1-5 at their home in Miltonvale.   Mike Thompsons 60th B-day party will be at his and Tammy’s house after the Run for Our Elders on the 16th of June.

 The next meeting will be in Delphos at Bob and Juanita’s.  Until then Ride Safe


The District 9 meeting was called to order on June 10, 2012 at 1:17 pm with 20 members, 4 co. reps., and 4 guests present. A Moment of Silence was observed and the Pledge of Allegiance was given. The secretary’s report was waived and the treasurer’s report was given.

State News: See state news.Thank you to Brian Thompson for attending our meeting and giving us an update on everything going on in the legislature.

Products Report: Karen states that we still have plenty of T-shirts and bumper stickers. No Awareness or Website report as Tony and Kevin were both working.

Old Business Russ gave a report on River City Blowout. Will have a final meeting for committee members later this month.

New Business: Janet reported that everything is pretty much ready for the 11th Annual Run For Our Elders. This is June 16th starting at Hank’s Place in McPherson. Thank You to all who have helped with this. Mike reported on the Dist. 9 Bike Show. This will be held July 21st at M & M Choppers in Galva. Janet asked everyone to start thinking about Casino Night and needing donations for this. Rally for A Cause is coming up on July 27th- 29th near Beloit.

Nominations for District Rep., Secretary, and Member at Large were opened. Ron Vawter nominated for Dist. Rep., and Russ for Member at Large. No other nominations at this time. Nominations closed for this month.

Auctioned 3 items from the MILE Basket that we bought at last years Mid South Mile.

Door Prize winners were: Brian, Tammy, and Russ.

Our next meeting is July 15th in Tescott at the Somewhere Bar and Grill which is located at 105 S. Main St.

Thank you to Bob and Juanita for hosting and all of the great food!

Upcoming Events: Run For Our Elders- June 16th, starting at Hanks Place in McPherson.

Thank you to Myrna for taking notes!!

Ride Safe and Free, Janet


District 9 meeting for July was held on the 15th at Somewhere Bar & Grill in Tescott, Ks. At about: 15p.m. The meeting was called to order with a moment of silence observed, especially for our dear friend Crazy Eddie, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were 23 members, 4 Guests and 6 Co. Reps. present.

The Sec. report was read and approved as well as the Treas. report with paperwork passed around.

State News: Brian advised everyone to get to know your Legislators, water for the Rally to be purchased and Vicki will order things for the Rally, 2 Board members for MRF are stepping down, so if you think you would like to fill one of those positions, please contact Don Boose. The seat belt law was discussed and stays the same. Please read the State News which will also include when the office will be closed this summer, also, the State is looking for someone to take over the Products.

Awareness report: still working to put up Hi-way signs in about 4 places.

Products report: t shirts are still available, and tri-folds.

Web site: up dated and working to install more pictures.


There will be a Casino Night meeting July 26 @ Rick & Janet Baise in Galva @ 6:30 p.m.

New Business: The Bike Show @ M & M’s is July 21st in Galva & we still could use some help, there will also be some extra cash drawings with 11 categories this year. A final meeting will be this Wed. @ Hanks. Mike S. made a motion to purchase some Crazy Eddie memorial patches which was 2nd and approved.   Work weekend for Perry is Aug 18 for Dist 9. Remember, if you want to get re-imbursed for gas—you must present your receipts!

Nominations made for Dist. Rep. was  Ron V.; Sec. was Kevin McK; Member @ Large was Russ W. Nominations closed till next month.

Up-Coming Events:  Bike Show- July 21 , and  Rally for a Cause - July 27-29. August meeting will be @ Richard & Marilyn Sodan, Bridgeport, Ks. On the 12th.  Door prizes were won by Jon P, Karen McK, Jerry and Mike T.

Thank you Donna for the great food and hosting our meeting.

Ride FREE  Pat.


Dist. 9 meeting for August was held @ Marilyn & Richard Sodan’s house in Bridgeport on the 12th.

Meeting was called to order @ 1:10 pm with a moment of Silence and the Pledge of Allegience recited.

Sec. report was given and approved as well as the Treas. report.

There were 32 members, 5 Co. reps. with 1 guest present.

State news will be in Sept.  News Letter.

Awareness report: 3 signs were picked up to be installed with one being in Salina @ Maggie Mae’s on Broadway, 1 in Geneseo and 1 in Tescott,Ks. With another one wanted in Wamego,Ks. And south of Abilene,Ks.  Tony read a report from EPA with some important info. about fuel pump issues.

Products report: Karen still has t-shirts, tri-folds and new “Crazy Eddie” patches for sale.

Web site: computer down so things are pending .

Old Business: the Bike Show was a big success again this year.  The hat was passed around with a donation taken for Dave’s brother who is ill, and to help with Med. Expenses.  Dist. 9 matched the donations by a unanimous vote.

Next weekend is Dist. 9’s work  weekend so those who attend and wish to get re-imbursed for gas, need to KEEP your receipts to be turned in.  The Dunk Tank will be @ Perry this year but we need more help running it, so, if that interests you, let Dist. 9 know.

New Business: Dist. 8’s Toy Run will be dedicated to “Crazy Eddie” this year as well as Dist. 9’s.  The Eagle Riders was again a big success and they thanked Dist. 9 for the Ins.  And help.  Next weeked is a Poker run in Simpson, Ks.

Nominations remain the same: Ron V-Dist. Rep; Kevin Mc-Sec. and Russ W.-Member @ Large. Please VOTE Everyone!

Up Coming Events: Work weekend at Perry is Aug. 18th; Cloud Co. Toy run is Oct. 6th, Oct. 13th is Casino Night in McPherson and Dist. 9 meeting on the 14th @ VFW.  Auction items bought by Pat R., Ron V. , and  Janet Mc.  Door prizes won by Tammy (donated to Dave’s fam.), Jerry, Tammy, Jerry and Bob.

Thanks to Richard & Marilyn and Shelby  for the great food and hosting the meeting.

Next meeting will be in Salina @ TPJ’s on the 9th of Sept.

Ride Free!  Pat.


Dist. 9 meeting was called to order @ 1:12 pm on Sept. 9th, 2012 @ T.P.J.’s in Salina.

A moment of Silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

There were 19 members, 3 Co. Reps. and 5 guests present at the meeting.

The  Sec.  report  was given and approved, as well as the Treas. report and it was passed around without any corrections.

State news: Brian Thompson, our Lobbyist, discussed the Right of Way bill, the next session for our Legislators, property taxes for Motorcycles vs. cars/truck taxes as the M.C. taxes are higher, Alcohol being sold in stores vs. Liquor stores. Also, discussed was Driver Ed. Classes being taken for people who have had multiple DUI and other related traffic issues;  as well as, the Gov, Freedom Ride next year will be June 1st leaving from the Capital bldg.  Class “M” on licenses need to be on the card for MC riders and the fines for not having it on the I.D. card. MC. Awareness Proclamation signing will be in April. Also, discussion for ABATE to have a booth @ the State Fair in Hutch next year with 5 Dist. helping to man the booth, the Dead Red bill also was talked about.

Ron V. also talked to the Dist. about his meeting with KDOT and the rumple strips, tar strips/cracks; cheese-cutters and chip-n-seal on our KS. Roads. Also, discussed was the drop-offs in construction areas and trucks carrying loads that aren’t  tarped and the consequences of certain issues.

Awareness Report; Tony said that a hi-way sign is up @ Paxico, Ks.

Products and Web site: not given as Karen & Kevin weren’t there.

Old Bus.: Ron V. made available some MRF magazines and reported that membership is down, the Helmet laws and CDC issues relating to MC. Riders and special gear they are trying to enforce to be worn. Also mentioned, this organization referred  to motorcyclists as a “disease”. Was this a joke, or what?

New Bus.: membership renewals need to be in for Aug. & Sept.  Please check your card and get it updated.

Lake Perry Rally was a great success; attendance was down a bit this year but all had a great time.

 Dist. 9 wants to give Dist. 8 a GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” for your help with the Dunk Tank this year! You made a big difference! Thanks Again!!

Oct. 13, 2012 is the next State meeting in McPherson @ VFW, 120 Taft, Mc Pherson with Dist. 9 serving the meal  and  Dist. 9’s Casino Night will be that  evening. Everyone is urged to attend for a fun night!

Tony M. made a motion to order “Crazy Eddy” t-shirts to be sold @ McPherson Co. Toy Run with Myrna W. 2nd’ing. Motion carried to order 75 with all of them.

Dist. 9 Oct. meeting will be the 14th @ the VFW, 120 Taft, in McPherson.


October 14,2012 was Dist. 9’s meeting @ the VFW in McPherson, Ks.

Meeting called to order @ 1:11 p.m. followed by a Moment of Silence and the Pledge of Allegience.

There were 25 members present, 4 Co. Reps and 1 Guest that attended this meeting.

The Sec. report was given and stands as read, the Treas. report was also given and stands as read and passed around.

State News:  Meeting of the Minds for 2013 will be in Ohio; the HR3199 bill was discussed regarding E15 fuel and the scientific evidence it has on our vehicles and bikes; MRF memberships are low and we were reminded that our laws regarding Motorcycles and our rights is fought for by this org. so, it’s imperative that we support this necessary organization! Also, discussed, was that it is Illegal for anyone to wear a helmet inside a vehicle and you can be issued a citation! Imagine that!  There will be some new rules & regs. For 2013 Labor Day Rally but this yeas Rally went very well!!  Our Lobbyist’s  are doing a super job for our rights and it was voted to give them a raise. KDOT resolution ref: cheesecutters and such was gone over as well as having a Booth @ the State Fair in 2013.

Awareness Report: Thanks for the cans donated and collected for the fund. It all helps!!

Products report: still have a lot on hand, and t-shirts will be ordered for the McPherson toy run to be sold with Crazy Eddie’s info added.

Website: work in progress, as always with several  hundred hits monthly on it. Check it out!

Old Business: Dave is donating the MC with sidecar that he purchased @ Casino Night to the McPherson Toy Run. Thanks Dave!!  Cloud Co. Toy run was bigger and better despite the COLD. Thanks to all who helped and participated! The Casino Night was a big success again! Our “free membership” will be donated to a very special couple this year, Richard and Brenda.

New Business: Russ W. son is serving his 6th tour in Afghanistan  so if anyone wants to donate to the care package, let Myrna know. Mid South Mile is in 2 wks. This is last year for Keena & Al to chair the Mac Toy Run. Beloit Toy Run is this coming Sat., Oct. 20th. Marion Co. Toy Run is Nov.3rd leaving from Willie J’s-Marion to Hillsboro.  Dist. 9 will donate t-shirts and yard signs for this year’s Runs.

Nov. 11th meeting will be at JR and Deb’s unless otherwise notified in Galva.

Remember Nov. 24 is McPherson Co. Toy Run!

Thanks to Tony & Janet for the good soup and stuff and the VFW for hosting the meeting.

Door Prize won by Bob Bird along with donated items going to Brenda A., Jerry, Pat, Tammy, Myrna, Tony, Al, Janet, Keena & Mike.

Meeting Adjorned @ 3:20.

Ride Free & be Safe.  Pat