What is ABATE?

ABATE is a motorcycle organization composed of motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the country. Putting motorcycle legislation in its proper perspective is our main concern. This is accomplished through safety education programs, public awareness programs and other proposals designed to prevent fatal or injury accidents.

ABATE is a neutral organization that allows all riders to unite in a brotherhood to safeguard our rights and still be individuals with different views.

ABATE feels that all motorcyclists are brothers and sisters with common interest . . . riding free! A great many restrictive laws pertaining to motorcycles and riders were enacted by an uninformed or misdirected legislature. ABATE's goal in Kansas is to keep our legislators informed of our feelings about any Bill that we feel would be unfair or discriminatory towards motorcyclists. To prevent an unfair Bill from becoming a law is much easier than fighting to get a law repealed.

ABATE of Kansas, Inc. works with motorcycle rights organizations across the country to stop unfair federal legislation aimed towards motorcyclists. We are not against helmets, but the forced use helmet law is a blatant government grab of our person freedom. It puts all of motorcycling in jeopardy.

EPA, state and local sound and emission regulations threaten to put an end to BMW and most European bikes not to mention the last American maker, Harley-Davidson. Most air-cooled Japanese bikes also could not be sold in this country.

Remember the Federal "Backwards Motorcycle" no one could ride? NHTSA is still working on a "crashworthy" bike. Manufacturers would be required to make this bike the Feds design. It would be all you could buy, if you could afford it.

St. Louis and New York, as well as other cities and some parks, have tried outright banning of motorcycles. These "Cycle Bans" are a means to literally get motorcycles off the streets.

The letters, "ABATE," stand for "A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments" and "American Bikers Aimed Towards Education." ABATE of Kansas, Inc. works for you!

ABATE of Kansas, Inc. has created an independent, nonprofit corporation to carry on its tradition to promote riders training. The Smart Motorcyclists Attend Rider Training (SMART) program teaches the Motorcycle Safety Foundation accredited riders courses. This includes the Motorcycle Riders Course (beginners) and the Experienced Riders Course.

ABATE of Kansas, Inc. sponsors and promotes safety, rider information and motorcycle awareness campaigns for motorists emphasizing accident prevention.

Some of the benefits for joining ABATE are: